Supercharge comes with a hashing package allowing you to seamlessly hash values and verify already hashed values against their plain-text reference. Use the Hash facade to create hashes using the bcrypt driver. Bcrypt is a great hashing algorithm because it comes with an adjustable “work factor” (typically called “rounds”).


The hashing configuration file is located at config/hashing.ts. It contains the default hash driver and the corresponding settings. At this point, only bcrypt is supported as a hash driver. You may adjust bcrypt’s work factor in the configuration file.

Hashing Passwords

Create a hash using the make method from the Hash facade:

import { Hash } from '@supercharge/facades'

const hash = Hash.make('plain-text')

Verifying Passwords Matching a Hash

Use the check method from the Hash facade to verify that a given plain text value matches the related hash:

import { Hash } from '@supercharge/facades'

if (Hash.check('plain-text', $hashValue)) {
    // … verified: values match

Determine if Rehash is Needed

Use the needsRehash method to determine whether the work factor has changed since hashing the given value:

import { Hash } from '@supercharge/facades'

if (Hash.needsRehash($hashValue)) {
    $hashValue = await Hash.make('plain-value')