Introduction to Supercharge


Supercharge is a full-stack Node.js framework. It differs from a typical Node.js “web” framework in ways that it provides much more structure on how to build solid applications. Supercharge comes with a well-conceived application architecture to build scalable, testable, and maintainable apps.

A common Node.js web framework let’s you register routes and the related route handlers. As soon as you need to run actions besides the request lifecycle, it becomes hard to manage. Imagine a route handler for user registration that should send a welcome email to the user that recently signed up. Supercharge let’s you easily move the mail handling to a background process (like an event listener) and not clutter your route handler with mail sending tasks.


The Supercharge Node.js framework is written in Typescript giving you a premium developer experience by providing code suggestions (IntelliSense) everywhere.

You’re going to write your Supercharge application in TypeScript as well. The main reason to require Supercharge applications to be in TypeScript: we don’t need a translation layer of your code. You’re running your TypeScript code directly using tools like ts-node.

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