System Requirements

The Supercharge framework has some system requirements. Ensure that your system has the following dependencies installed:

  • Node.js >= 8.12.0
  • NPM or Yarn for package management

Version managers like n or nvm help you to install and manage different Node.js versions on your machine.

Installing Supercharge

Supercharge has a convenient installer to scaffold a new application. Install the Supercharge installer on your system to quickly create a new project:

npm install -g @supercharge/installer

The installer will add the supercharge command to your system. Scaffold a new application like this:

supercharge new blog

The Supercharge installer will create a .env file in your project and automatically generate an application key.

Application Key

When building your applicatin with Supercharge, you should set an application key in your .env file to a random string. If you installed Supercharge with the installer, the key is already set for you.

If you want to set an app key manually, use the node craft key:generate command.

Running Supercharge

Starting your Supercharge server is as simple as this:

node server.js

This will run Supercharge’s HTTP server on the port that is defined in your .env file. The default port is 3000.